Partecipative constitution and development of the project and its principles

To give strength to a heterogeneous and multidisciplinary network of people who share  the same language, simple words organized and coordinated, words which meanings follow the actions, a language that can give the winning tools to reach a general desire of justice and therefore of peace, a language that will give voice to the human needs joint in the fight.

To spread a vision of hope that leads to collective actions through the willpower, the understandings and the awareness.

We are strongly determined to work among people, because it is between the human race that we must bring relief, support and help through concrete, practicable and firm actions.

To reach knowledge by using consistent and objective informations, tools needed not only for justice to be known and applied, but at the same time to ensure protection and defense to anyone and anywhere.

Mark a starting point that underlines the birth of concrete and effective actions for the individual and collective gains…

To unmask with courage, if necessary, also the hidden, giving air back to corpse who are buried and light to slaves to  whom it has been ordered to see only darkness.

We want the truth to be seen by everyone and not only by them.

Without fear, we will assume the risks that arise from the constant need to ask questions.

Because we believe in freedom.

Our greatest desire is to create an active movement to connect several people through actions, a movement in wich we will effectively built up not istitutionalized alternatives to social problems, by developing a common method for different solutions.

Welcome to the Goliath project



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